Wavy Periwinkle (2018)

Lunella undulata

  • John Keane (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania)
  • Corey Green (Victorian Fisheries Authority)
  • Greg Ferguson (South Australian Research and Development Institute)
  • Klaas Hartmann (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania)
  • Rowan Chick (Department of Primary Industries, New South Wales)

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The Wavy Periwinkle is a moderate-sized marine shellfish found in shallow temperate waters of southern Australia. Stock status is sustainable in TAS and SA and negligible in NSW and VIC.

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Stock Status Overview

Stock status determination
Jurisdiction Stock Fisheries Stock status Indicators
Victoria Victoria Negligible Catch history
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Stock Structure

The Wavy Periwinkle, Lunella undulata, is a moderately sized marine gastropod found on exposed sand-scoured reef and boulder habitat in shallow temperate waters (0–20 m) of southern Australia. They grow to a maximum length of around 65 mm and are distributed from Hopetoun, Western Australia to Coolangatta, Queensland, and around Tasmania [Edgar 2012]. Wavy Periwinkles form large aggregations in shallow coastal waters. The Wavy Periwinkle has a protracted spawning period from October to May, and may undergo incomplete spawning (retain unshed eggs until the next spawning event) [Keane et al. 2014, Underwood 1974]. They have short-term lecithotrophic larvae (planktonic larvae which live off the yolk supplied by the egg), and it is assumed that the larval duration is about five days, similar to other species within the taxon [Underwood 1974]. Stock structure is unknown, however a study into genetic diversity across southern Australia is underway.

Here, assessment of stock status is presented at the jurisdictional level—New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

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Stock Status


Catches of Wavy Periwinkle in Victoria have recently been low and the stock has generally not been subject to targeted fishing. The stock has not been identified as overfished in the past and it is likely that the stock can sustain a higher catch than is currently taken. Stock status for the Victorian stock is reported as Negligible due to historically low catches in this jurisdiction and the lack of targeting. Fishing is unlikely to be having a negative impact on the stock. There is little information available and a stock assessment is not justifiable.

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Wavy Periwinkle biology [Keane et al. 2014]

Species Longevity / Maximum Size Maturity (50 per cent)
Wavy Periwinkle ~ 10 years, 65 mm TL 23–26 mm TL
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Distribution of reported commercial catch of Wavy Periwinkle
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